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All MN students deserve equitable access to outdoor​ experiences where they can learn, play, and grow.

HOWEVER, current access to outdoor educational opportunities is inequitable.​ For too many kids, access to the outdoors is determined​ by race, income, ability, and zip code.

Students canoeing on a lake

Outdoor School for All Minnesota is advocating for the establishment of a statewide grant program to support immersive, multi-day, accredited overnight outdoor education​ program experiences for students in grades 4 to 8 to address these needs and to ensure that​ all students have a chance to benefit from outdoor education.​


What is Outdoor School?

An Outdoor School program is a multi-day, overnight experience where students have the opportunities to participate in outdoor-based learning activities in outdoor recreation, natural science, and cultural history.

Outdoor School program providers work with partnering school groups to meet curriculum goals and state academic standards.

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Learn about Outdoor School for All

Students snowshoeing in winter

Read the MN Outdoor School for All Bill

The bill would establish a statewide grant program to support overnight outdoor education​ experiences for students in grades 4 to 8.

Student rock climbing

Learn about the National OSFA Movement

While we are advocating for a Minnesota Outdoor School for All program, we're also part of a greater national movement.

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Research shows participants in​ outdoor educational activities have:

Higher academic performance, enhanced critical thinking skills, and higher graduation rates

Improved behavior in school​
and relationships with peers

 Direct experience in scientific concepts in the field, leadership, and collaboration

Deeper​ engagement with learning, place, and community

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Only 30% of Minnesota students are able to access Outdoor School.

“Our students benefit from an outdoor education experience because they primarily come from low income families who reside in an urban setting. Many of our families do not have access to such opportunities or trips outside of [Outdoor School].”

- 5th grade teacher, Minneapolis

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